With uncertainty in the property market and, quite frankly, the world, you, like many people, may have decided that you'll not move house just now. But you must've had reasons for thinking about moving in the first place, right? What if you need more space? what is involved in extending your home? Where do you even start?

You may have heard of the minimalism movement. You might have even watched the Netflix documentary. But for those of you that have no idea what it's about, read on for a general explanation.

The average seller spends years deliberating about selling their home. With all of that time spent researching, many sellers will already know which estate agent they will use when ready to market their home. So, how have they made this decision?

If you've ever been told that your landlord wants to sell your home, you'll know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. So, if you've been making your house your home and getting things nicely settled, only to be told that your landlord wants to sell up, what should you do?

We all know that the cost of living is a hot topic right now. Household bills are going up day by day. Many people are struggling with the massive hike in energy prices, with most reporting a 50% increase on their monthly direct debit. Read these tips to see how you can cut back a little here and there to try and reduce huge monthly expenses?

You may have heard estate agents, or even on the news, saying it's a 'seller's market'. But what does that actually mean? How can you tell that it's a sellers' market? More importantly, how can this help you?

There are many different types of landlords. The INVESTORS who treat property investing as their full-time job are likely earning the most from their investments. So how can all landlords build a portfolio?

What makes people decide to move home? It's such a huge life decision to uproot the family, pack up all of your belongings and move to a different property. There needs to be a compelling reason to go through all of that upheaval, right?

You've done the viewing and fallen in love with the property. You've weighed up all of the pros and cons, and after sleeping on it, finally decided to put in an offer. So, you mentally run through the phone call to the agents and how you think it'll go. And then, nervously, you make the call. But, it doesn't go quite as you'd planned. So, how can you make the most of the offering experience to ensure that your offers are taken seriously and, more importantly, get accepted!

As a tenant, you're always acutely aware that the property you live in doesn't actually belong to you. You're told not to hang pictures. Not to redecorate. So, when there are problems with the property, you'll call the landlord and let them know. This is their responsibility to sort out, not yours, as it's their property, right? But what should you be doing yourself as the tenant?

When looking to buy a property, you'll notice that estate agents use various terminology and jargon when listing the marketing price. What do they even mean? And how do these different phrases affect you when you're making offers?

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